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The spirit of SCREEN innovation is pushing technology beyond the digital printing limits of yesterday, ushering in a new generation of high-speed inkjet press.
The Truepress JET 560HDX enables maximum production utilization, a new, high-efficiency ink set and superior image quality to empower profitability.

Rich color

ーInnovative inkjet technologyー
The Truepress JET 560HDX delivers vibrant, high-definition printing stably and every time, thanks to its new ultra-high-density Truepress ink SC2 and recirculating printheads.
Its drying mechanism is also optimized to more efficiently evaporate the water content of its new inks, helping to preserve their rich color.

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Enhanced transfer

ーInnovative sensing arrayー
Web control is key to ensure optimal print quality. The Truepress JET 560HDX features a fully redesigned paper path that includes a web travel sensing array. This grouping of detectors identifies minute misalignment and web wander while the printer is running. The enhanced web management sensitivity allows the system to maintain near perfect positioning at all times to maintain the highest level of quality, even with finely detailed images.

Superior productivity
and a wide range
of printing

ーAll new, high-efficiency drying systemー
The new drying system incorporates technologies optimized for rapid heat-up to temperature with high-speed and thorough drying. This functionality takes the Truepress JET 560HDX from standby to print-ready in the minimum amount of time, ensuring maximum productivity.
The new drying technology allows the new dryer to responsively apply drying energy based on paper requirements, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

ーPrinting of 560 mm paper widthsー
The Truepress JET 560HDX is able to print letters, two-across, in landscape format. This facilitates significant production improvement generating almost 81,000 two sided letters per hour. And, with the Truepress JET 560HDX’s ability to print nearly to the edge of the web, almost all 8.5x11- letter work can be printed landscape, driving up productivity.

user-friendly operation

ーJetInspection with automated color managementー
In addition to SCREEN’ proprietary JetInspection full web scanning system, the Truepress JET 560HDX includes an inline spectrophotometer for automated color management. Operators simply specify the ink load for a paper setup and the printer does the rest.
Density setting, alignment, uniformity, linearization, and color management are fast and automated with new paper setups taking in a short time with almost no operator intervention, reducing the need for a skilled operator and freeing the operator to perform other tasks while the printer is performing its setup.

ーRedesigned open chassis designー
The new chassis design, housing the paper transport, web control, print components, and drying technology, The Truepress JET 560HDX has been reworked from the ground up to focus on ease of access to various modules for routine maintenance or service access. The design intent focuses on reduced downtime and maximum productivity.

ーConnected access for fast
and complete operational informationー

Operators can access manuals, procedural documentation, and software updates via a dedicated and secure website.
Readily available information keeps operators at press side and running production and optimizing work efficiency to drive down costs.

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